Removal of the Hedge

Text: Job 42:2 Date: Sunday 11th September 2022

In the space of only one day, Job who the Bible tells us:

Was a perfect and upright man, one who feared God and shunned evil. (1:1) It also informs us that he was the richest man in the east. (1:3) His entire world imploded, he lost everything, ranging from his children, houses, cattle in the field and every other earthly possession.

Job 1:14-19 relays the catastrophic sequence of events which befell this man of God. Please note what Satan said in Job 1:10 in response to God’s question as to why he was hanging around.

What neither Job’s good character or wealth could do, God had done, He kept the wolves of hell away from his house.

But now God was going to remove the hedge from Job’s household, this man was going to go through the greatest test and trial of his life.

Job 1:12, 14-19 highlights the shocking sequence of events which befell this man of God.

Job became the laughing stock of all who knew him, even his closest friends turned against him, accusing him of sinning against God, hence his plight.

Note Verse 22 “In all this Job sinned not nor charged God foolishly”! That was Job’s initial reaction to the many disasters which had come against him but as the reality of the situation sunk in note the change Job 23:1-4.

God’s response to Job’s arguments – Job 38:1-7 once Job repented of his attitude and lack of understanding, the edge of protection was restored and God ultimately gave him twice as much as he had in the beginning. Job 42:10,12

God bless,

fdm Glen Ferguson
Bishop of Faith Dimensions Ministries


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