The Sown Seed

Text: Mark 4:30-32 Date: Sunday 11 th June 2023

A mustard seed is among the smallest of seeds, at first glance it appears to have no value and of little relevance and the process of releasing that which is within is brutal.

It is first buried in the dirt, where it can no longer be seen, it was obscure enough before its burial, but now it is completely hidden and out of sight. The only person who knows where it is buried is the one who planted it in the ground in the first place.

Within the mustard seed is the embryo which contains life, the process of germination is what releases that life.

The one from whom all life originates so ordains that the life within the mustard seed will only be released by the event of burial and death. It is being buried by dirt and unseen, coupled with water penetrating the dirt, crushing the seed which ultimately causes the mustard seed to crack and release that which was locked up on the inside.

It then forces its way through the surface of the soil as it sends supporting roots downward, this gives it strength as it climbs its way upward and grow. This once insignificant mustard seed becomes a tree and grows up to a height of anything between ten to twelve feet.

As it reaches maturity it becomes a place where the birds of the air find refuge and shelter.

The kingdom of heaven is like a grain of mustard seed. In terms of its beginning in the world and so was the beginning of the Church, God saw that the world was sterile, empty and fruitless, it was barren and in need of the seed of His word, without this, there could and would be no life and salvation.

May the Lord give you the strength to become His mustard seed, who become great in the earth, one in which the birds of the air may find refuge.

God bless,

fdm Glen Ferguson
Bishop of Faith Dimensions Ministries
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