After The Flood

Text: Jeremiah 46:7-8 Date: Sunday 24th July 2022

Egypt and its king are portrayed as the Nile, a strong and mighty river, which breaks its banks and destroys the city.

The king says “I will go up and I will cover the earth, I will destroy the city and the inhabitants thereof” (V8).

The enemies of God’s people came against them in the days of the Assyrians and in the days of the Babylonians.

They came like the force of a tsunami, but like every other nation which came against Israel, God miraculously defeated and gave His people victory, in spite of overwhelming odds. Men erect barriers and structures in an attempt to stem and stop the flow of threatening waters.

But when you have a tsunami and the waves start to build momentum hundreds of miles off-shore, when it finally reaches land, manmade defence barriers, structures, buildings and trees are all uprooted and blown away.

This is what happens when waters come together and are driven by the force of ferocious winds.
The floods are here, but Psalms 29:10 assures us “The Lord sitteth upon the flood, the Lord sitteth king forever”. Matthew 7:25

It is bad enough for the rain to fall, but when hell comes against you, it does not only come in the form of rain, it also brings floods and wind.

They beat on that house, but amazingly that house does not fall. Why? Because it is built on Jesus the rock.

Genesis 10:1 After all flesh and living things had died, eight souls emerged from the ark and went forth and became a new generation who repopulated the earth.

No matter what you are going through today after the flood is over you will emerge stronger and victorious.

God bless,

fdm Glen Ferguson
Bishop of Faith Dimensions Ministries
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