We are living in a day when:

There are no absolutes!

Every man/woman does what is pleasing and right in their own eyes!

Governments speak about law and order, but live lawless lives themselves!

Preachers preach truth yet their own lives are anything but truthful!…

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This is the day when sin has become exceedingly sinful and the fear of God has not only left the world but it has also left the Church and the only thing that seems to matter to people is a pleasure! But suddenly just like in the days of Noah, the floods came and brought an abrupt end to what was.

Today the whole world has been brought to its knees as it has been swamped with the deadly COVID19 disease, all man-made dams of security have been breached and overrun. The only answer to the dilemma of this day is if the Holy Spirt lifts up a standard, a defence and dam against the tide of devastation which prevails.


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