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Numbers 13:30 31


In Numbers 13:2, the Lord told Moses

Send men that they may search the land of
Canaan, which I have given unto the children of Israel…

Subsequently, Moses appointed twelve men for the task, one from each tribe of
Israel as the Lord had commanded; he gave the team specific instructions to guide
their assessment of the Promised Land which the nation was about to possess.

The men explored Canaan for 40 days; thereafter they returned to their camp in
the wilderness of Paran with some fruits from the land as proof that the region
was indeed fruitful:

  • Clusters of grapes
  • Pomegranates
  • Figs

The thrust coupled with incredible velocity pushes the plane forward and enables
it to climb upward.

Yet ten of the spies gave an evil report to Moses; they declared “…we came unto
the land you sent us and surely it flowed with milk and honey, however the
people were strong and the cities had great walls…moreover we saw the giants of
Anak there…we were like grasshoppers in their sight!” (V27-28, 33)

In spite of the fact that these men saw that the land was good and they had also
brought back samples of what it produced, the scouts did not believe that the
Israelites could possess it!

Christians, it is crucially important to understand that God will judge us based on
our conclusions of His promises to us.

Because the ten men did not have faith in the ability of God to bring the entire
nation into Canaan, they and their descendants did not enter the Promised Land.

But verse 30 states “And Caleb stilled the people before Moses, and said, Let us go
up at once, and possess it; for we are well able to overcome it.”

In the midst of fear, doubt and uncertainties, Caleb had complete trust and
confidence in God’s ability to fulfil His promise and he ultimately dwelled in
Canaan with his descendants.

For the believer, the big question is “what do you see”?
It is time to shut down negativity, failure, disappointments, hurt amongst other

Let us rise up, have faith in God and believe that whatever He says, He will surely
bring to pass.

God bless,

  • Glen Ferguson
    Bishop of Faith Dimensions Ministries