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Text: 1Samuel 16:13



Saul was the first king of Israel chosen by God and anointed by the prophet
Samuel; during his reign, Saul sinned against the Lord when he disobeyed the
prophet’s command in 1 Samuel 15:3

Subsequently, the Lord told Samuel in chapter 16 verse 1

…you have mourned
long enough for Saul, I have rejected him as king…so fill your flask with olive oil
and go to Bethlehem where you will find a man named Jesse…I have selected
one of his sons to be my king.

Whilst at Jesse’s house, Samuel saw seven of his sons however the prophet
declared in verse 10 “…the Lord has not chosen any of these.”

Please note that God had told him in verse 7 “…don’t judge by appearance or
height…the Lord doesn’t see things the way you see them. People judge by
outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”

When Samuel finally met Jesse’s last born David who was out taking care of his
father’s sheep, the Lord said to him “…this is the one, anoint him!” (V12)

Saul’s pride coupled with his act of intrusion into the priesthood, led to David
being appointed and anointed as the new king of Israel.

Verses 13-14 states further that the Spirit of the Lord came powerfully upon
David from that day on and a tormenting spirit from the Lord filled Saul with
depression and fear.

Believers, it is crucially important that we do not assume roles and tasks that we
are not ordained and anointed for; the consequences can be very dire.

Although David was first anointed as king in his teenage years, he did not begin
to rule over Israel until the age of thirty, after he was re-anointed by the elders
of the land; he reigned over the entire nation for forty years!
2 Samuel 5:3-4

Many years may have passed and you may have lost many opportunities; do
you ever wonder if God has forgotten His promises to you?

Be encouraged, 1 Samuel 15:29 reassures us that “…the Glory of Israel will not
lie, nor will he change His mind for He is not human…”

Therefore believe and have faith in God because if He called and anointed you,
no matter how many years has passed the assignment for your life still remains!

God bless,